Welcome to PTC!

We help toddler and preschool mamas teach their littles at home with: 

✨ fun activities with simple prep 
✨ in-depth training videos and
✨ a supportive community

First time homeschooling your littles?
Don’t know where to start?
We have the perfect solution for you!

Mamas, we get it. Homeschooling is HARD

and sometimes you ask yourself...

⋒ Why does it always feel overwhelming?
⋒ How can I make time for it?
⋒ Can I use what I already have at home?
⋒ Which curriculum should I use?

We're here to help!

the truth is...

⋒ You CAN homeschool your littles and ditch the overwhelm.
⋒ You CAN make time in your busy schedule for this.
⋒ You CAN use materials + supplies you already have at home.
⋒ You CAN get the help + support you need because you are amazing!

You Got This

Begin your home learning adventure with our foundational signature system


    Receive 4-5 weekly activity packs with progressive new skills


    Utilize what you already have at home with our supply checklists


    Curated for toddlers and preschoolers to build engagement + fun!

Meet Our Founders

Hi, we're Kim + Chanty!

mamas ⋒ former teachers ⋒ happy hour hosts

As former Kindergarten teachers now SAHMs, we know firsthand how difficult homeschooling can be. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to create fun + easy activities for parents and empower them to use strategies that will help them LOVE teaching their littles!


Our mission is to empower parents to teach their littles at home through creative activities and support.


Here's what you'll get every month!

  • Weekly themed activity packs prepared for you so you don’t have to waste time planning

  • Done-for-you lesson plans with supply checklists and step-by-step directions

  • Weekly Training Videos (LIVE + recordings) that help you prep for each theme

  • Supportive + encouraging community of parents who just get it

  • One-stop shop for fun activities, helpful trainings and organizational tools

Want to simplify preschool?

Get our activity packs printed in color, laminated and shipped to your door every month! Did we mention FREE shipping? 📬😍

What our members are saying...

“I love the simplicity of just printing and having fun learning packs with new themes each week! The learning videos are very helpful in showing how each lesson is used and giving several ideas on how to use the lessons. My kids really enjoy the lessons and I enjoy teaching them with this program!”


“I love how easy I can access the activities in the portal! It is very convenient.”


“I LOVE the activity packs! They make teaching my grandbabies so much easier. I don't have to plan what to work on with them anymore. The activities are super cute and helpful. THANK YOU for making this!”



  • What's included?

    🍎 4 monthly curated activity packs, 🍎 Private Facebook community⁣⁣ access, 🍎 Weekly Tips + Tricks Training Videos⁣⁣, 🍎 Monthly group coaching Q+A to dive into YOUR needs⁣⁣, 🍎 Organizational tools + more

  • What is the investment?

    Our Digital Club is $19.99/month. Our Physical Club is $29.99/month. You can go grab your lattes ☕️, know your preschool activities are ready to go for your littles and rock it! You can cancel at any time.

  • What ages are the activities for?

    Our activities are created for toddlers and preschoolers (~ages 2-6). They can also be used with students with special needs or English Language Learners.

  • How long does each activity take?

    The activity units are designed for busy mamas who would like to dedicate about 30 minutes of homeschool instruction per day. These units contain fun sensory play ideas, worksheets and more but also give you the flexibility of choosing what to use each day.

  • Can I still join without a Facebook account?

    Absolutely! The training videos will take place in our FB group but the recordings will be posted on our Member Portal. We post fun activity ideas and answer questions on our Facebook group. So, if you don't have a FB account and want to take advantage of all these perks, we recommend creating an account just so you can join the PTC FB community and make the most of your membership! 🥂

  • Can I access previous content + resources?

    You do not get access to past months' content but if you'd like a specific resource we've already featured, you can email us and we will give you a link to purchase the pack you need!

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Due to the nature of the membership, resources and trainings, we do not offer refunds. All sales are final.

Time to UPGRADE ✨

Let us do the work for you!

  • $29.99 / month

    $29.99 / monthPTC Physical Club

    Get our preschool activity packs printed in color, laminated and shipped to your door every month! Did we mention FREE shipping? 😍📬